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Poetry & Lyrics

Tina has been creating poetry for quite some time now. When you ask who her most inspiring poets have been, she would have to say that many songs provide her with inspiration. She is a huge Dr. Seuss devotee; and she is also a big Viggo Mortensen fan and likes his spontaneous flow. She pays particular attention to her intuition when writing and jots down the words whenever
and wherever they come to her.


She realizes that while some of the recorded poetry may sound like Dr. Seuss on a bad relationship day...getting it out of her head will hopefully change that! In reality, the writing helps Tina resolve and get beyond those not-so-perfect trials. But overall, they end with a very upbeat, get-on-with-life-as-there's-more-good-stuff-coming kind of message. 


She has created song lyrics from some of her poetry and shows in some of the samples how she has incorporated her poetry into lyrics. 


Please give a listen. She would be most interested in hearing what you think! 


To view a sample of the poetry in her children's book, please visit Snailsworth, a slow little story


Please inquire for licensing, special projects or to discuss the possibility of collaboration.

Audio provided unless otherwise noted.

A Small Tribute to a Great Friend    :16

Always Choose Love    :52

Clear Eyes   :18

Dance   :20  

Dollar Store Diva (no audio)

Dreams Worth Keeping    :56

Gentle (A Wedding Song) (no audio)

Eleven Years Saturday    :33 and Forgiveness    :19

I Do Not Miss You    :42

I Make Believe    :25 and Forgiveness   :19

If I Died Tomorrow    :35

In Between    :32

Life    :55

Little Love World (no audio)

Loss and Gain (no audio)

Moonlight   :27  

Ode to Phoenix    :31

Receiving    :29

Terrorist    :33

The Key    :31

Unraveling    :28

Upside Down, Rightside Up    :59

We Have Never Talked   :18  

What Other Women See   :52  

What’d I Do?    :26

World Leaders    :43


All Poems & Lyrics Copyright the author.
Please inquire for rights or permissions.

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