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Always Choose Love

At times we feel we’re all alone,

Like nobody’s listening up above.

But rather than sing a melancholy tone,

Choose not loneliness, choose instead love.


Sometimes toward others we feel disdain.

We’d like to end our memories.

Instead inside we hide the pain.

Always choose love, don’t make enemies.


Many selfish deeds have earned us scorn,

This hurts when we look back.

Now inside we can be reborn

Always choose love, don’t choose lack.


When grim images pass through our head,

Life stuff gone wrong down deep we shove,

They creep back up and cause us dread.

Choose not regret, choose instead love.


So forgive and forget, that’s the only solution

For all the things that we’ve done wrong.

Let making things right be your contribution

And peace be your lifelong song.



©2004 Tina Field Howe. All Rights Reserved.

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