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Dollar Store Diva - Lyric

All alone on a Saturday night,

Picking through odds and ends.

A world full of trinkets brings you delight.

On no man does your life depend.


Why, lovely one, do you quietly wander

Down aisles of leftover things?

Doesnít your mind try to ponder

What your cautioned heart knows to sing?



Dollar Store Diva, you deserve more in life.

You should think of yourself a queen.

You draw more of the same, add to your strife,

And this worn-out, solitude scene.


You clutter your home with knickknacks and such,

Filling that cold, empty space

With things you really donít care about much,

Hide your heart with a complacent face.


You place them like objects of high regard,

All through your home they are scattered.

To later recall what you bought is hard.

That should tell you they donít really matter.



Dollar Store Diva, those things youíve forgotten

Were really not worth the cost.

Too bad you treated yourself so rotten,

Youíve traded and risk your life lost.


Now stop and think for just a minute,

What would you rather do?

Let life just pass by, not be in it?

Or a full, loving life pursue?


Put away those dollar distractions,

They only get in the way

Of finding some real-life love action.

Donít wait, get out, find it today.



Dollar Store Diva, these things I hold dear

Will lose their shine over time.

Iíll put them behind me so Iíll never hear,

ďShe wasted her life, what a crime.Ē



©2004 Tina Field Howe. All Rights Reserved.

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