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Life - Poem/Lyrics


I’m wakin’ up, lookin’ ‘round,

Finally getting’ what’s going down.

Bad things have happened in my life,

I’ve chosen ways that caused my strife.

No one to blame but me, myself, I.

Knowing this makes me high

On life…


So many things I must set straight.

This revealed has opened the gate.

I plan to make sincere amends,

Win back some of my dearest friends

Who put up with me way too much.

I’ll lighten up my touch

In life…


So on with life, now improving

All the ways that I am moving.

Going forward, doing right,

Holding firm with all my might.

There are many I’ve offended,

Doing now what God intended

With life…


I won’t hold back what has come due.

I owe the world something new.

The kind of love asleep so long,

Good thoughts, words, deeds and songs.

No one will dare hold me asunder,

Watch out world, see my thunder

For life…



©2004 Tina Field Howe. All Rights Reserved.

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