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I Do Not Miss You - Poem


If you were the right one,

You'd be here with me now.

No excuses, no stalling,

None of that, no how.

You would not have said to me,

I'll be right back, real soon,

Several months later, then,

To sing another tune.


If you had been truthful,

With me and you as well,

Things would have been natural,

Not needing the hard sell.

We might have evolved honestly,

Given enough time.

I fell for you completely,

Perceived no warning sign.


Why then should I miss you?

I own the sweet affection

That I gladly gave to you before

You severed our connection.

No, I do not miss you.

I know through my insight

There are others out there

Who deserve my warm love's light.



2004 Tina Field Howe. All Rights Reserved.

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