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What Other Women See

When other women look at my life,
This is what they see:
A woman brave to be on her own,
A woman completely free.

You see, with no man in my life,
Which sometimes can be a drag,
Women donít see the empty part
That results from going stag.

They say I answer to no one,
Can come and go as I choose.
Sleep in, stay out, not come home at all,
Be myself with nothing to lose.

I explain that part of the reason
On my own I must aspire,
Is because I have struggled to be myself,
To speak as my heart requires.

In lieu of arms to hold me,
I have learned to love my life.
Validation, respect come from within.
Iíve escaped my previous strife.

Instead of tears I have come to learn,
One day things will come clear.
I will gain balance between life by myself
And with someone who dares hold me dear.


©2005 Tina Field Howe. All Rights Reserved.

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