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World Leaders - Poem


The things that you all do sometimes

Can be so very cruel.

You overlook the good of all,

Abusing permission to rule.


You often do not do what’s right

For everyone on the earth.

The innocents always seem to lose.

Don’t you hear their plight? Know their worth?


Your job is to fairly lead us,

Not to execute us freely.

You often do us hideous harm,

Instead of behaving ideally.


Don’t act because “God told me so.” 

God demands no such actions.

It is your choices, your own voices

That create your destructive reactions.


What’s the dif ‘tween you and “bad guys”

Working outside “the law?”

It’s past time to open your eyes,

Get a grip on that terrible flaw.



©2004 Tina Field Howe. All Rights Reserved.

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