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Stained Glass

Tina has been designing and building stained glass panels and boxes in the copper foil (Tiffany) technique since 1980. This technique uses REAL colored glass, copper foil and solder (not painted-on type of craft work). She has completed over 250 pieces, most of them commissioned.


Tina likes people to look at a piece and say, "How did you get glass to do that?" Her designs are often very complex and usually involve nature themes. They sometimes incorporate actual pieces of nature, in the form of sea shells or polished stones.


Please inquire for licensing or special projects. Tina will also design custom patterns for the stained glass builder. 


Click on image to enlarge view.

These items are not for sale; all custom designs. Please inquire.
Brochure #1 (Adobe Acrobat PDF, about 1MB)
Brochure #2 (Adobe Acrobat PDF, about 1MB)



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