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Author of The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun Series and Snailsworth, a slow little story.

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The Workshop Curriculum

Each Level contains four topics which work together to form cohesive learning. It is advised that each level be taken in order.

Level One: A Good Place to Begin 

  • Think Your Life's Been Routine? Think Again!     Sifting through the gems of your life stories.

  • Holding It Together     Defining beginnings that grab, middles that involve, and perfect endings.

  • Give It Some Character     Creating characters that walk off the page.

  • Let's Talk Dialog     Creating three-dimensional speech. 




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Level Two: Taking A Closer Look

  • How To Tell Your Story     Defining your genre, audience and story length.

  • Using The Right Words     Genre, time period, and character demand the correct use of words.

  • Developing Imagery     Writing in pictures and engaging the senses.

  • Keeping Pace     Action, mood and rhythm define how the story moves.



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Level Three: Getting Serious (In a Fun Way!)  

  • Theme, Metaphor & Atmosphere     Strengthening what your story’s really about.

  • Exposing Yourself     How to bravely reveal anything about yourself (or others) through storytelling.

  • Tightening Up     Droning on and on and not a good thing!

  • The Question: To Publish Or Not To Publish?     Opportunities to get your work out into the world.



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Private instruction is also available. Please inquire. E-mail verification will be required. Apologies for this inconvenience.



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