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Author of The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun Series and Snailsworth, a slow little story.

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Participant Feedback From Previous Workshops

"With Tinaís Level One guidance and feedback, I transitioned from thinking I had to write the story to acknowledging that a story writes itself once you know how to let it do so. Iíve already used some of what I learned about writing fiction to improve my non-fiction writing."

Kathleen Richardson, Writer

Corning, NY

Columnist; Channel Steward & Marketplace Premium Writer -


"Tina, I want to thank you for your wisdom, your knowledge, your understanding, and ability to read between lines, into the soul. Thank you for the workshop!"

Alla Boldina


"Thank you for all your time and thoughtful feedback. I've really enjoyed this workshop, and the opportunity to read everyone's writing. You really helped me to review some basics and think about style differences - of which there are so many, even in our small group. Making myself set aside time to write spilled over into other forms of writing, not just what we did for class. So, again, thank you - I had so much fun! Looking forward to your other workshops..."

Melissa Murray, Corning, NY




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