About the Books

Book One: Alysa of the Fields

Find the champion who lives inside of you.


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Available as a screenplay - please inquire  |  Audio Book in 2009

Book Two: The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun

You are part of something greater than yourself.


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Hidden deep in the mountains of planet Xunar-kun, the Field Folk clan believed themselves to be the only remaining people, other than the distant Trailmen, to inhabit their devastated world.

They were wrong.

In the process of realizing her individuality, Alysa—a young woman of the Folk—risks all to save her people from certain peril. As a result, long-hidden truths are revealed, age-old hatreds are healed, and Alysa leads her people to a new way of life.


It is four cycles later. The Folk and Trailmen have accepted that they are part of something greater than themselves. They have come together as “the Seekers”. Their purpose: to find the true Parents of the Orphans.

But they find something much more insidious and more lethal than any threat they have faced before.


COMING SOON! Book Three: The Monx of the Roaming Star

Together we can build a better world.