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Where to purchase?

The book can be purchased from BookLocker, online retailers, or from the author. The audio book CD can be purchased from the author or as an MP3 download. If the book and audio book are purchased together, there's a price break. Shipping added at time of purchase.

Instantly Download MP3 from CDBaby $2.99
Autographed CD Audio Book $5.95 for payment link
8" x 8" Paperback Book from Publisher  $11.95
8" x 8" Paperback Book from Amazon  $12.95
8" x 8" Autographed Paperback Book $11.95 for payment link
Autographed Book & CD Purchased Together $14.95 for payment link

Shipping added to orders from the author

Booksellers: please inquire at BookLocker on wholesale purchases

Book also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most online book retailers

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