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Andi Frazin
Literary Manager/Producer

Screenwriting Resume




Before Tina became a screenwriter, she published a children's picture book and two sci-fi novels in a series. She also produced an audio book of the first novel and children's book using actors in the roles. All have won literary awards.

Since she's a visual writer, this writing experience, as well as roles in film and theatre, became the springboard for her screenwriting endeavors.

Tina's strengths are strong women who must overcome great odds, world building, imagination, characters with heart, dialog and action, and the ability to work well with producers and other writers. 

She also provides creative services to writers, managers, studios, and web developers.



Training   Screenwriting U

  • Master Screenwriting Certificate

  • ProSeries Professional Screenwriting Program

  • Advanced Dialog

  • Mastering the Thriller Genre

  • Mini-Movie Method

  • The Profound Screenwriter

  • Professional Rewrite

  • Pushing the Envelope

  • Writing for Maximum Entertainment

  • Conferences & other courses


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