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Digital Art Experience

My skills include Photoshop, Illustrator, Office, Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter. 


Over the years I have created photographic images, illustrations, and blends; book covers, books, postcards, posters, collateral material - you name it!


I create files in various formats and resolutions that are suitable to your project.


View more of my visually creative side.


Creative Services

In addition to script writing I create dynamic synopses, treatments, covers and posters, elements which become part of my marketing packages for features and TV. Let me do the same for you!


In addition to my writing skills, my extensive experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, and MS Word allows me to bring your concept to life using royalty-free or posed images, appealing layouts, and type treatments which give each project a distinctive look. 


How you and I will work together
I work with studios, indies, managers and writers to create marketing materials that represent the genre and tone of your project. The goal: to attract producers, talent, and investors.


Service levels

Every project is unique. My fee is based on how many pieces you require, their length, complexity, amount of needed writing/editing, and turnaround. One round of edits prior to final approval is included in the standard fee.


The process
You and I will conduct a preliminary phone conversation to discover your needs. I will sign an NDA prior to our conversation. I'll review any existing pieces you should provide then work the project requirements and quote into a statement of work.


Please call or e-mail me to start a conversation about what we can do together!


Marketing material elements
Synopsis: 1-3 pages. If you have a synopsis already written, I will thoroughly edit it and punch it up. If you want a synopsis written, I will read your script and write it. 


Treatment: 5-25 pages. I will read your script to gain a better understanding of the story and write it from scratch, or lengthen your synopsis into a treatment. If required I will work in the other elements such as character descriptions, settings, budget, and team details. For a TV treatment, I will work in episode and season overviews provided by you. Providing me with completed elements may reduce the amount of time I spend creating the treatment and, therefore, the cost.


Concept Poster: If you need a concept cover for your synopsis or treatment, or you need a standalone poster or web graphic, I will design it using royalty-free or original photography as needed and provide you with image files that you can use for multiple purposes.


Script proof-editing: I have proof-edited many scripts for typos and formatting. The fee will vary according to the number of pages and condition of the script. 


If you don't see an element listed here that you're interested in, there's a good chance I can provide it.



Click a cover sample to view it in a larger size. Each opens in a new window which you are free to print or save for future reference. Please note that these are royalty-free heads and not the actual actors. The artwork is copyrighted and may downloaded for reference only.


Due to the proprietary nature of treatments, none are posted here. However, if interested I will send you a sample. I will also be happy to provide references at your request. Please e-mail me.


Axis Prime
Concept cover, synopsis, treatment, script

Concept cover, synopsis, treatment, script

Concept cover, synopsis, script

Beyond All Odds
Concept cover, synopsis, treatment, script

The CB Social Club
Concept cover only

Country Club Confession
Movie poster, script (short film)
Concept poster, synopsis, treatment, script

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