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Andi Frazin
Literary Manager/ Producer


Short Scripts & Films

Various genres. Please contact me to read a script.


County Club Confession - Dark comedy. IMDB

Written/Directed/Co-produced -  Original Music by Mic Roussos.  


Winner, 2017 Endless Mountains Film Festival, Adult Category

Winner, Special Mention - 2017 One-Reeler Short Film Competition   

Logline: Marti discloses her crime to her oldest and dearest friend who she trusts will keep her dark secret.




Short Scripts


By the Sea – British-style melodrama/dark comedy. One location. 7 pages.

Logline: Clever Brandi, English heir to a fortune, frames her husband in the murder of her mother, the family matriarch.


Eros-3 - Sci-fi. Two related locations. 5 pages.

Logline: A jealous spaceship engineer attempts to take out his competition when he learns his old girlfriend plans to marry him soon.


For Gold's Sake – Drama. One location. 3 pages.

Logline: Bud confronts his estranged adventurer father on his deathbed to learn where he hid a fortune in gold doubloons.

Hard Hats - Romance. One location. 5 pages.
Logline: A bold construction worker makes a bet that he can pull off a romantic interlude with his gorgeous but strictly hands-off boss-lady.

Real Heroes - Dark comedy. One location. 5 pages.
Logline: Convinced they’re the good guys, brother and sister drug dealers dispose of the competition to “save” their neighborhood.

Schooled at the Pool - Comedy. One location. 5 pages.
Logline: A loser gets even with his supposed ex-girlfriend by exposing a new suitor to her many imperfections. 


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